Mass Flow Controller

We are an eminent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Mass Flow Controllers from Maharashtra. The Mass Flow Controllers we make available eliminate gross errors of volumetric low measurement. We maintain a large stock of the Mass Flow Controllers in our spacious warehouse, to cater the bulk and urgent requirements of the buyers. The entire range of the Mass Flow Controllers is reasonably priced by us.

  • The MFM has been developed using the 4 yearâs mass flow measurement & control experience within MFML to produce a practical, low cost, rugged flowmeter suitable for demanding industrial applications.
  • There are no moving or delicate parts within the flow passage so the MFM is therefore very rugged indeed.
  • As a Rotameter replacement, they provide 5 times better performance with an electrical output linear with flow, which may be used for logging and control purposes.
  • The unobstructed internal flow passages are easily cleaned with suitable solvents should the flowmeter become contaminated in use.
  • With a temperature range from 15 to 50°C, the MFM performs well in elevated gas temperatures and ambient environments.


Full scale range  50, 100, 500 sccm 1, 5, 10, 30, 50, 86,100 slpm      Or as Required Any Flowrate above            100slpm
Accuracy (includes non-linearity, hysteresis non-repeatability and thermal coefï¬cient to 45°C) ±3% of full scale
Thermal coefï¬cient (45°C to 50°C) ±0.075% of full scale/°C
Output - linear with ï¬ow 4-20 mA
Line pressure effect 1% full scale/bar
Working temperature 15 to 50°C
Working pressure 0.5 to 5 bar (gauge)
Burst pressure 11 bar (gauge)
Pressure drop at full scale <0.025 bar
Leak Integrity (to Helium) < 1x10-9 mbar.l/s
Power supply 230 V AC or 24 V DC
Dimensions Might Change as Per Design and Model.
Weight Subject to Change as Per Model & Design.
Gas connection G¼ female thread or As Required .
Connector May Change.
Flow path materials Stainless Steel S304, S316 .