LPG Flow Meters

We have come up with reliable LPG Flow Meters. The LPG Flow Meters that we offer are manufactured with the use of best quality components that impart strength and endurance. Our LPG Flow Meters provide accurate readings of the flow with an absolute ease. Our LPG Flow Meters are sophisticated and work with utmost precision.

Principle of Operation LPG Flow Meters

  • The operation of the International Gas Turbine Meter is based on the measurement of the velocity of gas.
  • The flowing gas is accelerated and conditioned by the meter´s straightening section. The straightening vanes prepare the gas flow profile by removing undesired swirl, turbulence and asymmetry before the gas flows to the turbine wheel.
  • The Dynamic Forces of the Flowing Fluid/Gas cause the rotor to rotate. The turbine wheel is mounted on the main shaft, with special high precision, low friction ball bearings.
  • The turbine wheel has helical blades that have a known angle relative to the gas flow. The conditioned and accelerated gas drives the turbine wheel with an angular velocity that is proportional with the gas velocity.
  • The rotating turbine wheel drives the index head with the eight digit mechanical counter via shafts and gears.
  • The volume and flow rate can also be indicated electronically. A proximity probe generates a signal at each passing blade of the turbine wheel. With the device-specific K-factor and the number of pulses, the passed volume can be calculated. With the measured frequency the flow rate can be determined.
  • The rotating turbine wheel can also generate pulses directly by proximity sensors that create a pulse for each passing turbine blade. By accumulating the pulses the total passed volume and gas flow rate can be calculated.

This is a highly accurate flow meter, approved for custody transfer measurement, equipped with electronic pulse outputs and a mechanical counter. This document explains the dimensions, ranges, performance, calibration and outputs of the instrument. It details the installation, safety requirements and material specifications.

The Gas Turbine Flow Meter measures gas volume flowing through an annular passage in the meter. The flowing gas volume is totalized on a local mechanical counter. In addition, low or high frequency pulse signals are generated to infer the gas flow and volume. The indicated gas volume is the actual volume flowing through the meter at the actual temperature and pressure.
  • The Gas Turbine Flow Meter is available in two models.
  • The Gas Turbine Flow Meter is used for high accuracy and custody transfer applications. The Gas Turbine Flow Meter is an economically priced meter with a good accuracy.
  • Gas Types
  • The Gas Turbine Flow Meter in its standard design can be used for all non-aggressive gases, such as natural gas, methane, propane, butane, city gas and fabricated gas, air, nitrogen, etc. For aggressive gases, like sour gas, biogas and oxygen, special designs are available with Teflon coating, special lubrication or special purging. See table 1, for detailed requirements or different type of gases.

Temperature Ranges
As standard The Gas Turbine Flow Meter is designed to operate at temperatures between -10oC to 60oC. Special low and high temperature designs are available on request.

Standard accuracy limits for Custody Transfer models are in accordance with the EC directives and many foreign regulations :
  • ± 0.5% for 0.2 Qmax to Qmax
  • ± 0.5% for Qmin to 0.2 Qmax

As an option for the Custody Transfer model the accuracy limits can be improved to :
  • ± 0.2% for 0.2 Qmax to Qmax
  • ± 0.3% for Qmin to 0.2 Qmax

These limits are valid for the meter performance in ambient air. Usually, the performance is better at high-pressure applications. On request we can offer meters according to your accuracy specification.
  • The repeatability of the LPG Flow Meters is better than 0.1%
  • Material of Construction: Material of Construction Gas Turbine Flow Meter Regularly Stainless Steel 316 L.

Principle of Operation: As Above.
  • Nameplate Detail: Measurement systems group.
  • Index head and pulse transmitters: stainless steel measurement systems group make. Fully intrinsic free hazardous free, potential free
  • Maximum operating pressure: manufactured as per requirement
  • Required upstream and downstream length: as required.
  • Lubrication system: without bearings.
  • Lubrication before start-up: without bearings.
  • Regular lubrication: without bearings.
  • Volume conversion: mass flow meter direct calibration on appl.gas.
  • Flow direction and orientation: as indicated on flow meter.
  • Connection pressure transmitter: NA for volumetric/mass flow meter ss316 l pressure transmitter. Pressure compensated.
  • Temperature Measurement: Temperature compensated.

Warranty : One Year Warranty.
  • 7-digit total flow display
  • Flow Rate 3 %1/2 digits display
  • Programmable
  • External battery backup
  • Programming lock
  • 4-20 ma Output
  • RS-485 Port for interfacing with computer
  • Flow Rate, total flow one touch switching mode
  • Digital switching outputs have LED status indicators
  • Front panel environmental protection to IP65 (IP40 for rear of unit)
  • Compact Design
  • Specialized for measurement systems sensors

  • Supply voltage : 230V AC
  • Supply current : NA
  • Max output load current : NA
  • Max output load voltage : NA
  • Internal voltage drop : NA
  • Display units - rate : l/min, US gal/min
  • Display units â volume : liters, US gallons
  • Repeatability : ±0.5% FS or less
  • Linearity : ±1.0% FS or less
  • Response time : 1 second max
  • Temperature range : 0 to 80oC
  • IP rating - front panel : IP65
  • IP rating - enclosure : IP40
  • Weight : 245 g

Flow Rates
  • Flow Rate measurement range : NA
  • K Factor : NA

The Systems RS-485 to USB is a USB to RS485 converter. It allows easy serial port expansion without requiring IRQ, DMA, or I/O port resources. The converter allows the user to easily and economically connect RS485 devices to a host using USB. The RS485 communications standard is used by Measurement Systems Pickoff Sensor based data acquisition modules and many industrial control devices. 

The converter is based on a single chip USB UART for transferring serial data over the Universal Serial Bus without the need for card-slots. The converter has an internal 128 byte transmit buffer and a 384 byte receive buffer. It supports baud rates of up to 230K. External power is not required since takes its power from the bus. Connection to USB is via a 3-foot detachable cable. Connection to RS485 is thru the converters DB-9 male connector. The converter is housed in a plastic enclosure designed for rugged applications.

The converter can interface RS485 modules to a host using a USB connection, when using the Measurement Systems RS-485 to USB with a module or any RS485 device that requires wiring, recommends itsâ CA-3 cable. The CA-3 is a 3-foot serial cable with a female DB-9 connector and tinned wires ready for connection to RS485. We Have Recently Developed a Portable Flow meter. The Portable Flow meter Works on the Inbuilt Battery of the Totalizer.

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