Air Velocity Transmitter

Mass Flow Measurements of Liquids is recognized amid successful Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of Air Velocity Transmitter. The air velocity transmitter is delivered individually packed with standard accessories (see accessories). VT-D-R relay model is always equipped with display. The switching point and the hysteresis of relay can be configured by, push button and display user interface.

  • Highly Accurate OEM Digital Velocity Transmitter
  • Rugged gas ï¬owmeter with no moving parts
  • Linear output signal with Flow Velocity
  • Eliminates gross errors of volumetric ï¬ow measurement
  • +/-3% FS including linearity, repeatability, hysteresis & thermal coefï¬cient
  • Wide range of gas compatibility - only stainless steel and Ceramic in the gas path
  • More robust than hot wire or MEMS sensors

  • The MFM has been developed using the 4 yearâs mass ï¬ow measurement & control experience within MFML to produce a practical, low cost, rugged ï¬owmeter suitable for demanding industrial applications.
  • There are no moving or delicate parts within the ï¬ow passage so the MFM is therefore very rugged indeed.
  • They provide 5 times better performance with an electri- cal output linear with ï¬ow, which may be used for logging and control purposes.
  • The unobstructed internal ï¬ow passages are easily cleaned with suitable solvents should the ï¬owmeter become contami- nated in use.
  • With a temperature range from 15 to 50°C, the MFM performs well in elevated gas temperatures and ambient environments.

Model Summary

Product Type Product Code Measurement range (velocity) Accuracy of velocity Measurement range (temperature) Accuracy of temperature
MFML-VT 117.004.001 0-2, 0-10, 0-50 m/s <0,1m/s +0.5% from reading 0-100o C <0,5oC (v > 0,5m/s)
MFML-VT-D 117.004.002 0-2, 0-10, 0-50 m/s <0,5m/s +0.5% from reading 0-100o C <0,5oC (v > 0,5m/s)
MFML-VT-D-R 117.004.003 0-2, 0-10, 0-50 m/s <1,0m/s +0.5% from reading 0-100o C <0,5oC (v > 0,5m/s)
MFML-VT-R 117.004.004 0-2, 0-10, 0-50 m/s <1,0m/s +0.5% from reading 0-100o C <0,5oC (v > 0,5m/s)


Full scale range

 0 to 5 m/s, 0-10 m/s, 0-15 m/s 0 to 30 m/s, 0 to 50 m/s


Accuracy (includes non-linearity, hysteresis non-repeatability and thermal coefcient to 45°C) ±3% of full scale
Thermal coefïcient (45°C to 50°C) ±0.075% of full scale/°C
Output - linear with ïow 4-20 mA
Line pressure effect 1% full scale/bar
Working temperature 15 to 50°C
Working pressure 0.5 to 5 bar (gauge)
Burst pressure 11 bar (gauge)
Pressure drop at full scale <0.025 bar
Leak Integrity (to Helium) < 1x10-9 mbar.l/s
Power Supply 230 V AC or 24 V DC
Dimensions Might Change as Per Design and Model.
Weight Subject to Change as Per Model & Design.
Gas connection G¼ female thread or As Required .
Connector May Change.
Flow path materials Stainless Steel S304, S316 .